Friday, August 21, 2015

Apocalypse Culture 2015

I'm sure you're dying to know my take on certain recent events. Here are a few:

Mad Max: I avoided this as soon as I saw that "FEMINISM" a la Beyonce was the chosen marketing angle and that doughy mealymouthed beta males without effective father figures were working themselves into a lather over its socially responsible greatness. I knew my boyfriend was a keeper when he said it was awful.

Confederate flags: My love of Confederate flags and Gone with the Wind is well documented. The left-wing moral panic over them was on par with the Satanic ritual abuse panic of the 1980s and the post-Columbine Marilyn Manson/Doom panic of the 1990s in terms of arbitrarily blaming symbols and pop culture elements for murder. Erasure of Southern identity by sneering nanny-state carpetbaggers isn't funny. Because Millennials on whole are the brainless, castrated end result of the self-esteem experiments of the 90s, free speech is seen as a dated, unattractive value, code for "hate speech." Why would you need free speech if you're doing the right thing, which is being an obedient Democrat voter that keeps up with the latest rules of PC? You can bury me clutching my copy of GWTW with the rebel flag on the spine, thanks.

Trump: Trump swooped in and broke all the rules. I've watched in delight as the media pronounces him finished over and over and it does nothing to his popularity. It's like watching a stuttering, awkward Eula Sharp school matron utterly fail to discipline an unruly class clown. The 1980s are my favorite decade so I'd be thrilled beyond measure at an 80s-style Trump presidency that reverses the smug, ineffective nightmare of Obama. Even if you hate Trump, wouldn't it be refreshing to see the media be honest or (gasp) negative about the president again rather than rolling him out like the latest starlet?

Planned Parenthood: The left-wing media refusal to report on this was astonishing. It was a total blackout. It's a curious feeling to be scolded by news articles for finding dismembered humans and organ harvesting unsettling. "Nothing to see here! Perfectly normal! Clumps of gestational tissue!" Abortion should be safe and legal but its proponents should acknowledge that it's murder. See: director's cut of Nymphomaniac.

Gay marriage: Cool! I want my boyfriend legally bound to me because he's perfect. A quick perusal of Tumblr on the date of the Supreme Court ruling reveals that socialist Tumblr trannies are all against gay marriage for some reason, which is only slightly less puzzling than a few weeks ago when celebrity feminists were all revealed to be against the legalization of sex work. Who writes these people's opinions for them? Remember four years ago when Obama and Hillary were totes against gay marriage cause of their Christian beliefs? Is that just, like, something you're supposed to ignore? I saw some meme with some fat fag comedian going "My black president turned the White House rainbow, that's how drunk I got" and wanted to die.

Caitlyn Jenner: I love Caitlyn Jenner.

Downfall of Gawker: This was, to me, a bigger deal than gay marriage. Gawker Media (along with Jon Stewart) is in large part responsible for the popularization of the mean-spirited snarky Stalinist Ellsworth Toohey leftism that has afflicted my generation like a plague. My delight when they were excoriated and ruined for doing exactly what they've done all along was immeasurable. They're destroyed. No one reads them. Their new posts don't even make any sense. 45% of their content is 500 Days of Kristen. Good riddance.

The Lena Dunham piece is now at Thought Catalog.


  1. You really haven't seen Mad Max? It's not a Correction à la Wicked at all. My favorite film of all time is Kustom Kar Kommandos and MM is hot rod culture and automobile worship taken to a place my own imagination failed to picture. All of the vehicles are actual hot rods but ugly like Rat Fink and every other Ed Roth monster vehicle brought to life, one being 3 old cars stacked on top of each other. The villains are just as grotesque as the monster drawings...if you aren't into Ed Roth you won't care but for me it was almost as painfully erotic as Mulholland Drive and Crash or Grace Jones performing Warm Leatherette...I am in fact obsessed, like Taffy Davenport, with car crashes. It also has the greatest corselet that Gaultier never designed (for his Forbidden Gaultier/Rock Stars collection) that also has an orthopedic function like a Helmut Newton minerve, meaning it pushes about 50 of my buttons. I won't list them all.

  2. Kustom Kar Kommandos is an excellent choice for a favorite movie. It's so addictive I could watch it on a 24-hour loop. I listen to that Paris Sisters version of "Dream Lover" all the time.

    I did finally see Mad Max, and I enjoyed it well enough. It was loud and competent. I was pleased to see that the "feminism" of it, as with most things of this nature, was a marketing angle that had little to do with the actual content of the film and more to do with appealing to unbearable millennials in 2015. Because I will always associate MM with blue-haired SJWs and masochistic beta males virtue-signifying their support of it on the internet, it is unlikely I will watch it again.

  3. Is the book cover real? I assumed it was Helmut Berger in The Damned but it's impossible to tell. Another all-time great film is also 3 minutes long: the trailer for Faster Pussycat Kill! Kill!