Monday, October 12, 2015

Throwback interviews

Here's an old interview I did with Brian Pera from I Smell Therefore I Am. My Working Girl obsession has recently resurfaced.

Here also is a blog he wrote around that time about my various perfume-related Facebook statuses and witticisms.

Where has the time gone? Now I'm busy rebuying all of the perfumes I used to have, reclaiming my past. Several years ago I enacted a big purge of the alleged "old lady" scents and streamlined my collection in a bid for maturity. One of the primary delights of capitalism is endlessly repurchasing what one has bought and gotten rid of many times before. My wallet may be empty but my heart is full, once again having an exhaustive library of scents. It's been long enough that each perfume I've been apart from for several years is redolent of old memories and simpler times.


  1. Hey Jack. I got stoned today and it made me wonder if there are perfume standup comics at aroma chemical trade shows and fairs. I was remembering an anti-smoking public service "campaign" targeting the "the Gay Community", pardon my French. The When Did Smoking Become a Part of Us?! Campaign. I said to myself "that's like prostitutes saying 'when did fried hair and Angel become a part of us?!' ".

  2. Something I like about Angel is how absurdly expensive it is, for something so widely considered to be trashy. No one talks about this. Though it's available everywhere, Angel costs more per ounce than most niche perfumes. The 3.4 oz, new, is $180. Those strippers Diablo Cody said wore Angel had to pay a lot of money to smell that cheap! I calculated how much I've spent on Angel since I got into it about 8 years ago, and it was well over $600. I use it all up, too!