Sunday, January 15, 2017


"I've read everything James Baldwin's written. He has a true sense of the problems of black people."
"I worked Head Start for free last summer. Black Kids are so much groovier."
"I went to a couple of Black Panther meetings. The time for non-violent revolution is past. More power to the people!"
"I'm taking a course in African Studies at school. I had no idea you people were so civilized!"
"Do you know that property values actually go up when a black family moves in?"
"Freud didn't write for the black man."
"Why does a great actor like James Earl Jones always have to play black men?"

Describe yourself in three fictional characters. Jean des Esseintes, Rupert Birkin, Yuri Andreievich Zhivago

Describe yourself in five fictional characters.
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I highly recommend [The Camp of the Saints] which forms a prophetic dystopian trilogy with 1984 and Brave New World. There is a thrill of the forbidden in reading it along with discomfort at its ring of obvious, undeniable truth. It may have been speculative fiction in 1973, but it's not anymore.

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