Monday, January 16, 2017

Promise me anything but give me Angel

Angel is simply the best. I have tried in my near-decade of perfume hobbyism basically everything worth trying, and I truly only care about this. Eight years since my first bottle, I still actually get *excited* to spray it on multiple times every day, and its self-contained advertising universe of blue glaciers, snow queens, and infinite space keeps me hooked as though I'm reading a novel. There's no need to worry about reformulations or vintages, just buy a new one. It's still as great as ever, and each bottle I've had smells slightly different but totally itself. I get compliments on it every day from both men and women and my boss encourages me to wear it, for those who buy into the ubiquitous online negativity about it. How anyone with a soul could not be moved by this blue elixir is beyond me. It is the best perfume ever, and it is also heady intellectual art.

1 comment:

  1. It doesn't work on me but love it on others. I sadly get BO. I try it every year with hope. I even own it But this year, when I did, I tried Muse as well. And Ahhhh.

    I got that and ordered some Chocolate Greedy by Montale. Cannot wait!!!