Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Forever Krystle

What's more boring than a queen doing a Judy Garland impression? 

A perfume blogger making a
Dynasty reference in a review of Giorgio or Poison. Here's my review of Forever Krystle by Charles of the Ritz from 2010. 

"My darling Krystle, I've had this fragrance created especially for you. I think it's as beautiful as you are. Every time you wear it, remember: I love you forever."

Imagine my excitement when I found a new bottle of this at a local pharmacy that also had a full display of Max Factor makeup from the seventies. I inquired about it and the pharmacist said that it had been sitting there since 1986...a year before I was born. He thought I was crazy when I bought it, but how could I not? I'm a huge Dynasty fan, and already have the nightmarish Linda Evans Rejuvenique facial toning system displayed proudly on my bookshelf.

It's about what I expected, meaning 80s drugstore, meaning still better than most of what is released for higher prices today. It's similar to Vanderbilt in that it's a loud, powdery vanilla rose, but what I like is the extreme muskiness of it. The composition feels to be about 50% musk, and a slightly foetid musk that they might not use anymore- it's certainly not detergent-like or clean-smelling at all.

Yes, it's gauche and cheap, but this is in keeping with the woman it's named after. I love that before Liz Taylor kicked off the celebrity perfume trend, this fragrance based on a soap opera character was released and garnered a faithful fan base. The commercial for it is a masterpiece of cheesecloth and syrupy sentiment. Now to seek out its male counterpart, Carrington--I bet it's lovely. Joan Collins also served as the face of Revlon's Scoundrel Musk and released her own fragrance, Spectacular, which is civety, powdery purple dupe of Elizabeth Taylor's Passion.

Incidentally, Krystle has much better taste on the show; it is mentioned several times that she wears Bal a Versailles, and at one point Alexis lures Blake to Rome, "bathed in Bal a Versailles," as she says, to seduce him away from Krystle.

Celebrate the love that lives forever.

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