Sunday, January 15, 2017

A graph with a big downward-pointing red arrow

"As the United States sank into an oily depression that was of a truly unprecedented magnitude, the masses were left hopeless and helpless, fully nude in a world that they had created for themselves--suffocated by the structures that lifted them so high, undone by the devices of their own modernity.

The bar was too high: success stories of the past--The American Dream--it was all impossibly out of reach. The mob's mad dash to the bottom was underlined and punctuated by fantastic displays of savagery. Kindness and human dignity gave way to the endless black void. Nobody had any money and there was no profits or sales. A graph with a big downward pointing red arrow.

We're all in it together now, in the grinder, no one is left out of the mix. Confusing and painful sex: painful emotionally and physically. Maximum output of pornographic material bred a societal pack of hyenas that took off, and took the sanctity of sexual intercourse with it, chewed it up, and processed it, making it the next thing in a long line of easily digestible solids. There's so much sex stuff these days and a lot of it is really bad. 

The man you turn to for advice is a fellow felon, a nameless and faceless walking moral desert who has already stomped out the last of his own self-respect like it never mattered. The propulsion driving domestic output forward just dried up one day--went up in a puff of smoke, unceremoniously, like a Cadillac with 80,000 miles on the motor, leaving millions tired and defeated.

Every last ounce of strength was spent blocking out the words, the words they so wished would just leave them alone: you're losing. You're a loser. You lost. Finally you gave up, America. You gave up, and Jesus gave up on you. Bye World."

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