Sunday, January 15, 2017


A great place to start in freeing the mind is recognizing that scare labels ending in "-ist" and "-phobe" have as little objective meaning as "witch" and "blasphemy" did in the Middle Ages. Similarly, "hate speech" has no objective meaning--it is merely a conceptual tool for censors and Bolsheviks. Read widely, even if you think your opinions are set in stone. Do not confine your reading to modern leftist fluff media. Explore things that frighten you. If you'd be nervous to tell others you're reading it, there's probably something there.


  1. I laid into this dumb bitch on Facebook. I asked a group of Muslims "name me one Islamic country in the world which has freedom of speech and equality for the sexes".......the indignation.......

    1. Leftist refusal to criticize or even acknowledge the reality of Islam is truly what started me on the path to rejecting the whole movement. These alleged atheists that scoff at the very concept of religion and constantly assert their superiority over dumb, backwards Christians chose the defense of Islam as one of their foremost campaign policies, along with censorship. Everyone is shocked that I'm a Trump supporter and I just say, why would I vote for the party of censorship and Islam? All the "nasty women" are marching and throwing tantrums to defend a religion that mutilates their genitals and puts them in polyester bags by law. Feminists immediately purge any woman who speaks out against Islam from their ranks and tarnish her reputation. Millennial outlets of leftist propaganda like Jezebel started inserting creepy little "This hijab is so fierce!" snippets of propaganda into their articles awhile ago. I'm sure we'll be seeing a lot more of it in the near future as the celebrity class thinks of new ways to "fight the power."

  2. I saw that Linda Sarsour abomination speaking at the women's march against Trump. What I find utterly despicable about her is her suggestion that Trump will curtail women's rights when she wears a hijad and is a defender and advocate of Sharia law. Islam is a disgusting totalitarian ideology incompatible with her very rights as a woman or the freedom of speech which she enjoys. It's so sad to see her brainwash so many dumb leftist women and men.