Sunday, January 15, 2017

Bask In Your Toxic Masculinity

Here are just a few of the reasons I enthusiastically voted for Donald Trump:
-He is correct about immigration. Contrary to leftist received wisdom, it is not at all outlandish to wish that immigration laws be enforced at a time when there is a worldwide crisis of terrorism committed by Islamists.
-I'm a homosexual and do not wish to aid the spread of a totalitarian religion which legally imprisons and executes homosexuals. Promoting Islam is now the number one item on the leftist agenda, merely because it is anti-American and trendy. Read Jean Raspail's Camp of the Saints. Read Oriana Fallaci. You're not being told the truth about Islamic immigration. Europeans have had to deal with these realities in a way Americans have not, so Pollyannaish Millennials think a country overrun with clit-cutting religious fanatics sounds romantic.
-The ascendance of the dynastically elected criminal wife of a serial adulterer is not a victory for women. Thinking of women as a homogenous single-minded Borg sect of the Democrat Party as liberals command is insulting to women. I don't even want to hear the word "women" used in this categorical fashion anymore. I'm sick of it.
-Throughout this decade, left-wing extremism has been the problem. The pendulum must swing right and there must be a balance. The excesses of cultural Marxism, academic feminism, and political correctness must be kept in check. The Left openly supports censorship, opposes free speech, and mocks people who value the First Amendment.
-There is a profoundly anti-white, anti-male message running through all of American media and culture, particularly this decade. If you do not recognize that the messages being transmitted to you are absurd, unnecessary demands of white shame and demonization of lower-class whites, you have not received the red pill. All races are told to celebrate their cultures except whites, who are depicted as villains and mocked relentlessly. Read Jim Goad's Redneck Manifesto. The mania of white guilt induced by liberalism must stop.
-Trump has disrupted the static, corrupt two-party political system and media establishment, which is just a wing of the Clinton campaign. I like seeing the underdog win.
-Trump has made the Republican Party pro-gay.

Santos smells like Tony Iommi's bush circa 1983. For the distinguished gentleman.

What I want to know is how did literally everyone have time to buy a pair of Birkenstocks in the last month? Like when everyone suddenly appeared with a man bun in the span of a week, or when Jerri Blank reclaimed her virginity and suddenly had that long Lolita wiglet and headband.

In the future, the hysterical, embarrassing, superstitious, Crucible-esque leftist reactions to Trump and his supporters will be recognized for what they are. The Satanic Panic of the 80s is a popular ironic interest for liberal hipsters, the received wisdom being "Look how silly and superstitious they all were then ha ha! We are so much more advanced now!" I just saw Trump referred to as the "poster-child of abusing people." What does that even mean? One day you will see this nonsense for what it is, if you have any interest in developing your intellect or getting to deeper truths about history, politics, or human nature. How can any reasonable person not understand the colossal countercultural appeal of Trump? How can you not want to defeat Republicans, Democrats, and the corrupt media with an insolent 80s soap opera character? Don't you want him to succeed just to stop the high feminine shrieking of all of the Nurse Ratcheds who attempt to dictate what you think?

Perhaps the largest issue for me throughout this election is how Democrats and Democrat-run companies continually attempt to make public disagreement with their policies into prohibited or illegal speech via the superstitious, pseudo-religious concept of "hate speech." Imagine if criticism of Christianity were legally prohibited as liberals try to do with Islam--the Left would freak.

"Modern men must thus stand athwart history and yell SHUT UP! at women. Women are supposed to be miraculous because they can give birth? Female hamsters can do that, but it wasn’t hamsters that invented the internal combustion engine.
Therefore, rather than trying to purge natural masculinity from their bloodstream through a debilitating and humiliating process of ideological chemotherapy, I encourage all men to bask in their toxic masculinity as if it were the cure for all that ails them, because that’s exactly what it is. We must toil no longer under a legal system that allows women to use their vaginas as giant lobster claws, crushing our hopes, dreams, and bank accounts. Let radical feminists faint to the stink of toxic masculinity as it wafts from the armpits of real men across this big blue marble we call Planet Earth." - Jim Goad 


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    1. I'm glad to hear it. The level of Body Snatchers brainwashing that took place during this election was such that it felt like I'd been time-warped into a dystopian future where no one understood my language.