Sunday, January 15, 2017


"Any All-Lives-Matterers should unfriend me now!" Black-Lives-Mattered the hormone-mutilated awarebot who didn't believe in gender. "Anyone who does not immediately understand that looting Best Buy is the solution to inequality, just unfriend me! You are a nazi white supremacist Trump pig!" Ze injected some lab-made woman hormones into zir deflated scrotum. Someone commented something mildly contradictory below the status. "BYYYE!" ze heroically commented in drag queen meme speak and unfriended the dissenter. Some fellow BLM-ers quickly liked the "BYYYE!" comment. It was settled. Black lives mattered. Zir hair was pink. Ze had recently re-pinkened it.


  1. I hate Black Lives Matter and they've bought their brand of racist garbage to the UK where they chained themselves across the freeway to complain about "police brutality" which does not exist in the UK. It doesn't exist in the US either, but try telling that to the blue haired, facial pierced lesbians on Facebook..

  2. It's all based on fantastical lies, too. "Hands up don't shoot" never happened. Objectivity is completely thrown out the window. One isn't supposed to acknowledge or discuss crimes committed by people who are not white--the overwhelming majority of them--because those do not support the Hollywood movie narrative that BLM sells. It's all so profoundly stupid in its cultish emotional appeal. One of the most intelligent people I know posted "It's been statistically proven that white men with guns are the most dangerous people." I know it's difficult and scary for most people to free themselves from political conditioning but how do more people for the truth?